Gaurav Gupta

  • Multiwavelet-based Operator Learning for Differential Equations [code]

  • Comparing Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for large scale Bird species classification [code]

  • Additional mods to the jemdoc html scripting [code]

  • Noisy Batch Active Learning with Deterministic Annealing [code]

  • Identifying Arguments of Space-Time Fractional Diffusion: Data-driven Approach [code]

  • Data-driven Perception of Neuron Point Process with Unknown Unknowns [code]

  • Learning Latent Fractional dynamics with Unknown Unknowns [code]

  • Dealing with unknown unknowns: Identification and selection of
    minimal sensing for fractional dynamics with unknown inputs

  • Distributed Placement of Power Generation Resources in Uncertain Environments [code]

  • User Selection in MIMO Interfering Broadcast Channels [code]

  • Conditional Entropy based User Selection for Multiuser MIMO systems [code]

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